After taking into consideration all the different views of everyone and running a few simulations, the new bonus points system is now live.

I am not going into the details, but basically you will now receive between 0.4 points / hr and 3.5 points / hr. The amount you receive will depend on the size of the torrent as well as the amount of seeders. The lower the amount of seeders, the more points you will receive. The larger the torrent the more points you will receive. The max is set at around 2.5GB (anything above this will get 3.5 points). In all the simulations we have run, this benefits users with more points in the long run unless you only have VERY small files seeding.

In the near future we will also be adding a bonus based upon the time seeded beyond minimum. The last thread devolved into infighting between members and some general nasty comments. Lets please keep this one civil or I will be closing it off early. You all asked to be involved with the site, and we have complied. But if you cannot keep it civil we will not be doing these discussions in the future. Arguing and not agreeing with staff and other members opinions are perfectly ok, but lets do so in a civil manner.