Before our temporary shut down, we took PayPal for those users wishing to donate and help out with server costs. Unfortunately, PayPal is no longer an option for us because of their eagerness to close private trackers' accounts on little evidence. We are not using PayPal anymore in order to protect our members and thus GGn itself.

We do not put any kind of advertisement on site to get money for the server costs; our sole source of donations is from our kind and dedicated members (who have been great thus far in supporting us through the years). In order to allow our members to continue helping out the site, we are accepting donations in the form of BitCoin and Prepaid Credit Cards ($25 and above). You can donate using the two methods mentioned and still get all the benefits and rewards as laid out on the donate page.

Once you have donated, please send us a Staff PM to let us know and you'll be compensated accordingly.