Staff Picks time! Below are a set of albums, EPs, or singles that have been hand selected by the BH5 staff. Each of these releases strikes a particular note with the staff members. These releases will be set to freeleech and can be viewed all together in the new Staff Pick Collage.

Rameses B - Pure EP (2013)

Release Info
Genre :: Chillstep
Record Label :: N/A
Catalog Number :: N/A


This is one release that I have to say I thoroughly enjoy. There is no big sounds or killer dance tracks. The purpose of this EP is to envelope the listener in a world of sounds that is surely to soothe both your mind and soul. I hope you enjoy this staff pick I have chosen and share this with your friends.

Pendulum - Immersion (2010)

Release Info
Genre :: drum.and.bass
Record Label :: Warner Music UK Ltd.
Catalog Number :: 5186594882


I can listen to this album all day. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Sonic Animation - Eleven (2005)

Release Info
Genre :: Big Beat, Garage.House, Techno, Breakbeat
Record Label :: Inertia Recordings
Catalog Number :: SONIC011CD


Sonic Animation were doing electronic music before it was digital, many of their samples were recorded and manipulated using analogue techniques. They manage to combine block-rocking beats and crunchy sounds with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Listen to the exercise in vowels that is Theophilus Thistler or Super Showbiz Star a song about trying to make it in the music industry to get a taste of their lyrical style.

Ronski Speed - Second World [2013]

Release Info
Genre :: Trance, Breaks, Electronica
Record Label :: Euphonic
Catalog Number :: EUPH177


Two Euphonic staff picks from me in a row?! I guess this label is hitting home for me this year. Second World is Ronski Speed's sophomore album, and it finally released last week adding to his already impressive 10 year resume. It's filled with excellent vocal trance and collaborations; trance fans will not be disappointed.

Pleidians - I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object) (1997)

Release Info
Genre :: Goa-trance, Psytrance
Record Label :: Dragonfly Records
Catalog Number :: BFLCD24

One of my favorite electronic dance music albums, and possibly my favorite Goa-trance album of all time. It consistently creates this powerful, spacey atmosphere, with each track laying upon the listener a new and unique experience. Unlike a lot of other goa/psytrance works of its time, it fortunately ops out of the cheesy vocal samples, and instead puts more emphasis and work into the aforementioned mood and feel of the entire work. If I am ever abducted by aliens and forced to fight my way tooth and nail through hordes of otherworldly creatures in some faraway galaxy (which I'm sure will happen any day now), I want this to be my soundtrack while I'm doing so.

J Majik & Wickaman - Crazy World (2008)

Release Info

Genre :: Drum & Bass
Record Label :: Breakbeat Kaos
Catalog Number :: BBK 004CD


Brilliant drum and bass album from one of the pairings that pioneered the genre. Majik & Wickaman produce an emotive, visceral masterpiece with all the high emotion one might expect from trance, whilst retaining a truly distinct drum and bass flavour.

Son of the Electric Ghost - Your Creator Knows Your Name (2005)

Release Info
Genre :: Breaks, Glitch
Record Label :: Bless Records
Catalog Number :: N/A


This album kicks the door down and gets the party started. A breaks lover's wet dream, Bill Bless artfully combines liquid breaks and glitch hop into a progressive otherworldy experience while also getting low and dirty with the rhythms and grooves. Breaks and glitch lovers can't pass up this rare masterpiece. Enjoy!

Pauline Oliveros - Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970 (2012)

Release Info
Genre :: Experimental, Noise, Tape Music
Record Label :: Important Records
Catalog Number :: IMPREC352


Oliveros' experiments with sound are some of the most original and immediately memorable I have ever encountered. Exploring the depths of the (at the time) relatively new media with a vigor and genius seldom experienced, she solidified herself in the history of electronic music, and, on a larger scale, the history of the avant-garde.

Télépopmusik - Genetic World (2001)

Release Info
Genre :: Trip Hop, Downtempo, Hip Hop
Record Label :: Capitol Records
Catalog Number :: 536 790 2, Ref 34


Most well known for the track "Breathe", this French electronic music trio's debut album offers quite the variety of music, but overall gives off a laid back, mellow vibe.