As we were unsure about the future of this tracker, I was able to talk to some people on how we can get this tracker going. As of tonight I finally got a good offer I can't refuse.

Here are some points which are going to change:

* A new version of the tracker is brewing and close to release, so an updated tracker will appear one of this weeks.
* We are going to move to a fast private VPS.
* Payment gateways will be added so there is not exclusive for PayPal in the future.

Downside is that some licenses have to be purchased. We got a lot of great donations so we can obtain those licences. The costs per month are a bit higher then it's now due to buying more traffic as the site grows, we use more traffic then allowed in a month right now (no extra costs now, but that will change). The domain will remain in ownership of me and price is free as long as we use it. All courtesy of the company 123 Hosting Service but they don't sponsor us so there will be no banner or adverts. Also I'm experimenting with some adverts program, but if anyone got one that is good, then pm me.