Hello and welcome to all new members just joining us.

First I would like to say that we have just marked our first birthday. We have beaten the odds and now will remain as a contender to beat other sites announcing before some of the top sites out there today. We have in fact succeeded in this aspect and will continue to do so. Our community is still building and getting stronger each day.


For the past 4 months we have been asking all members to report to Help Desk and or Live Help if you know you are on a VPN or DYNAMIC IP you should let us know. Reason was a few members were showing a duplicate IP on site. These member didn't know each other as we investigated. We have in fact disabled a fair amount of members who have exceeded the 6 IP Rule we have. As of today we will NOT disable your account if you are using a VPN or DYNAMIC IP without contacting Live Help or Help Desk going over the 6 IP limit. We do realise that a lot of members want to be secure and hide. The only way for them to do so is to purchase a VPN. Same for those of you on a DYNAMIC IP and a ISP that changes when you reboot your router or machine. We do understand you may want to hide, but you need to understand that if you are seen on the site with a duplicate IP by any chance both accounts will be disabled and the reason why will be noted on the account(s). You will have and option to come to Live Help after your account(s) are disabled to explain your case. In extreme cases some may need to donate a minimum of $5.00 for staff to re-enable your account(s).


We are still pruning inactive accounts each day that goes by. Members who sign in once daily and have been here at least 8 weeks and have NOT downloaded a torrent will find their account(s) disabled! My question is why come back each day for 8 weeks and not find a single torrent to download ? You may be active for signing in once daily, but in reality you are an inactive member because of this. Any member who has not been seen in 8 weeks will be pruned without question. If your account is disabled or pruned because you are inactive for 8 weeks or been a member for 8 week and have not yet downloaded a torrent, you will be disabled! If you are disabled you will be required to donate a minimum of $5.00 for staff to re-enable your account(s). The only way to contact staff after your account(s) are disabled is by coming to Live Help. If you don't want to use the site then simply click on Help Desk and ask to have your account disabled. We wont ask any questions as to why.


Donations have been poor this month so far and we are bringing you the best new content as fast as we can while still paying our server bills on time each month. We are running the "Double Up" Promotion. So if you donate you will receive double free download slots, invites and double upload credit added to your account. A simple $5.00 helps you to gain a better Ratio and helps us to maintain and pay the server bills each month. We have always said we will NOT beg for donations, but I see by doing so members are taking the piss and thinking we can do it without donations and it is ok to just leech and then hnr. Actually your thoughts are wrong. We do need your help to carry us to the next years Birthday. So, from the kindness of your hearts Please support us and make a donation to help us if you like what we have to offer. We would like to pay a special Thanks to "ALL THE MEMBERS WHO HAVE SUPPORTED US THUS FAR". We may start asking for donations each month if the donation are low for each month. Staff honestly don't see anything wrong with this.


We have a bunch of good members in IRC that clown around each day. We would like to see more members join IRC or Live Chat. There are perks to entering. You will receive 1 bonus point per hour when you chat or simply idle. You will NOT be kicked for idling like some sites do! If you would like to enter using a client for IRC or by clicking on Live Chat from the menu you may, but please use your site name or the bot wont see you and automatically kick you from IRC. If you have a site name beginning with a number unfortunately you wont be able to join Live Chat or using a client such as mIRC. However you will be able to join other channels such as #announce #help #pre and #requests. If you are one of the few members that have a number in the beginning of your name and want to idle in chat you will have one option. That option is to come to Live Help and ask for a name change and staff would be kind to do this for you. Members with a chat client the details are listed below to connect.


Server : irc.bitleechers.me
Port : 6667
Channels : #chat #pre #announce #tv #games

We hope to see a few new members join us and carry out some fun.


Forums are a good place to meet new people and make requests for torrents, reading up on site news, posting members pics. We have a nice forum and easy to navigate through. Become active and start making posts.


Below is a list of how to get more Bonus's so you can trade them in for invites, free download slots and uploaded traffic.

Any torrent you download over 100 MB You will receive 0.5 Bonus points per hour per torrent.
Any torrent you download under 100 MB You will receive 0.2 Bonus points per hour per torrent.
You will receive 1 point for each comment you make on a torrent.
You will receive 1 point for each post you make in the forum.
You will receive 0.1 points for each shout you make in the shoutbox.
You will receive 1 point for every hour you spend listening to our shoutcast radio stream.
You will receive 1 point per hour for idling in IRC or Live Chat.


We are looking for members who would like to become staff and moderate the site. No experience is required and you will be trained by an Admin. Perks of moderating are unlimited free download slots and free running of the entire site. Inquire within "Live Help" only and state you are here to become a moderator.


Please remember to read the Rules & FAQ's from time to time as we do change them. Pay special attention to the PM's and Announcements. These are created and sent for a reason to help you understand what we are doing. These are valuable and strongly encourage ALL members to read them. This is the only way for you to get all the updates we are so you know what we are doing to make this site one of the best around the torrent world. Please support us by donating to the running costs of the servers. Join IRC and meet new people and staff. Be active in the Forums. Thanks for joining and being a member here.

Please enjoy the site. Any questions use Help Desk or click on Live Help from the menu.

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.