Store Updates

Thanks to our lovely coders, awesome additions have been made when you send bonus points to other users! Now there is an anonymous tick box you can check if you want to send the bonus points without the receiver knowing who sent them. If you leave this box unchecked, it will send the user the bonus points and your name attached to the message. If you would like, you can also add a personal statement by clicking "(Attach message)."

Personnel Changes

We are very pleased to welcome Artifaxx as a Sysop. He has agreed to step up and lead us to electronic bliss. On a sadder note, N0M4D and DJCM have decided to step down as Sysop and Admin. They will thankfully still be around the site. They have done awesome work helping run the site and we all wish them the best.

We at Beathau5 hope you all enjoy these new introductions to the site. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way.