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Small partners, CHD moderator of the congregation who rode autumn tiger came to you with benefits! Next Wednesday (September 11), the major forum (chat rooms, novice area, activity area, movie discussions, music forum) will organize various forms of activities. Magic, upload and even colorful invitation code to send non-stop! It is worth encouraging is that activities will go on indefinitely!

Shaoshang your hard drive, so CHD accompany you travel around the world!
Point your mouse to play, so CHD with your Wonderland!
Start your brains, so CHD off IQ revolution!
Ignite your passion, Sesame slightly!

Mid-Autumn Festival on the eve of Mana counter-attack to the Galaxy, ladies and fighters of CHD, please reveal your pectoralis major, violent tiger Von River, sounding the alarm bar of your hormones!


小伙伴们,CHD的众版主们骑着秋老虎给你们带福利来了!下周三(9月11号)起,各大版块(聊天室、新手 区、活动区、电影讨论区、音乐讨论区)将举办各种形式的活动。魔力、上传甚至邀请码缤纷送不停!更值得振奋 人心的是,活动将无限期进行下去!


中秋前夕,魔力值逆袭成银河,各位CHD的斗士们,请露出你们的胸大肌,暴虎冯河,拉响你们的荷尔蒙警报吧 !