Hey everyone, it's been 4 years already!

So happy birthday to us, to all of you that have supported us over the years. It's been fun times but especially the last/current year not so much some times, with the DDoS attacks and problems like that, we certainly had better years before.

And even right now the DDoS protected VPS server is having its problems, dropping packets like there is no tomorrow and generally slowing things down to a crawl sometimes. It certainly could be better if you ask me.

But nonetheless the tracker just moved to a new server yesterday, most likely without many even noticing. It's not like there have been huge improvements regarding performance since traffic is still funnelled though the VPS but yes, it finally moved in on its new, hopefully permanent, home. Together with http://www.jpopsuki.tv and soon also the radio, everything is supposed to be running on our new server soon.

A server financed thanks to all the awesome donors who came to our help when the site was in need after the DDoS attacks. My original plan was to move the server to a company specialized in DDoS protected co-locating but unfortunately they have had no free space in their co-location center over the last few months which delayed the move again and again. The fact that the originally ordered CPU for the server wasn't available for a few months and still is not didn't help that much either.

But yeah, just last week the server moved to a different co-location center here in Germany and I've been setting up things ever since. The TV site was already running from there since Monday last week and the tracker finally moved over today. Looking good so far if only the dreaded VPS would work better.

Anyway, time for some celebrations either way - even if that is going to slow down things even more when people hammer the server and use the freeleech period, hurray! So as per usual, 1 week of freeleech from today till the end of Sunday (the 15th, server time as usual).

Try to make the best of it even if it's going to be rather hard with the current load the VPS is having to deal with.

Thank you all, all who donated, uploaded, supported on the forums, the staff and everyone sticking with us for 4 years. You've been awesome and here is for another 4 years.