Most of you are wondering why there is no ratio next to your user name. Well this is because it has been removed. We the staff would like to welcome you to our new ratioless torrent site. What does this mean, well to put it in simple terms, there is no ratio you just seed for 48 hours. That's right, all you have to do is seed the torrents you download for 2 days. There will still be a HIT and RUN system in effect and it will be undergoing some changes too, but keep in mind that failing to seed will result in more severe penalties then when we had a ratio system in place. Seed bonus will still be in effect for invites and other perks which will be discussed further down the road. This site will only remain ratio free if we can get at least 15000 members(active) with in the given time frame which will also be determined at a later time. We would like to thank the members who are here to celebrate this great change and take great pride to be part of this experience. May we flourish into something bigger and more enjoyable for the whole community to grow into. We will follow up with another announcement with the changes in the rules and the bonus perks.