Here we are again; back at it but there is a major problem.

We have no torrents!

The main problem with bringing them from our old codebase to this one is simple, the loss of data. A lot of the torrents that we had on the old version of iFR are corrupted beyond recognition and no longer work on either one. This is either an issue with the old code (it was really old) or something with the export.

In any respect, it's a problem. So we would like you to atleast try to make us whole again. From now until however long it takes we are going to allow ANYONE to upload. Doing so will earn you 100 bonus points for the first 30 and 1000 per torrent after that. So you could essentially earn a bunch from this little endeavour.

We will also turn on freeleech for you to use the tracker for downloading the newly uploaded torrents.

Hopefully this will help us with content while still getting rid of all of the useless stuff we had before.

Well, as you can see we are partially back. We are still in the process of importing the DB and trying to get the old torrents back. For now, there aren't any so just upload as you wish.

There are a few new features that will be coming (if they aren't here already) that we would like you to know about though.

First off is the additions of the famous token system. If you are on the site that made this codebase you know how these work. You essentially use them to make a torrent freeleech for you and you alone. Once you run out, you don't have any. We are working on the ability to make it so they can be purchased from the market, but haven't really decided how much to charge yet, so they aren't there.

Another addition will soon be the ability to send people tokens. In other words, if you feel that you have too many for one reason or another you can send them to someone. There will be an option to send to a random person, or someone of your choice. Each of these will be for a price as well though, so keep an eye out for that.

Finally one of the main things that we have done here is allowing V0/V1/256/APX files to be uploaded, along with FLAC. This is another way that we feel it may be beneficial to the members that don't want to use all their bandwidth to download a large file.

With this, however, does come a new upload and category system. We are going to now only have one category, Music. This is an all encompassing are that will hold all of the different types of music whether it be MP3 or FLAC format. You can still search by the genre in the torrents page, but every torrent you upload, will be considered in the "music" category.

Keep in mind that we are still in the process of updating the upload page, wiki and rules per what they used to be so bear with us during this transition.

Hopefully this will make the site run smoother and make for less confusion when it comes to finding stuff and doing stuff here at iFR.