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How many times, flowing here, how much passion, where the shed.
Whether you are inadvertently came here, or in the longings came here,
Can stick to here, always have some unknown, or deja vu experience,
Perhaps, when you are a newcomer to this point, the risk of falling through the ice, in the anxious struggling to climb the ranks.
Perhaps, when you do so has been subordinated to this, burst of passion, in the joy joyful walk all the way.
You come here, and whether you have a CHDbits unforgettable story about it?

In order to repay the majority of CHDer way for CHD since the strong support we have opened a number of activities each edition waiting for your participation!

Novice Area: King of Kings [Mana] novice area essay contest. First: 10W magic.

Activity Area: fans of Carnival! "Love Movies! Watching movies!" Campaign (seventh) first: 5W Mana; see pictures guess movies have activities the next day.

Film Forum: [I] 8W Mana little world to talk about those who prize activity * touched your movie. First: 8W Mana

Music Forums: sun out of your CD collection cassette vinyl disc! First: 4W Mana

CHD Elite District: District First Elite Elite Action "show Time, and I CHDBits of Love" Contributions special stickers. First 50W Mana!

Chat room activity areas to grab the floor-based activities every week, there are more exciting mysterious events yet to come! Want to get huge Aladdin Mana it? Click your mouse, enjoy and participate in it!



为了回馈广大CHDer对于CHD一路以来的大力支持,我们已在各版开设了大量活动等待你们的 参与!


活动区: 影迷的嘉年华!“爱电影!看电影!”活动(第七期) 第一名:5W魔力;看图片猜电影隔天就有活动。

电影讨论区:【我的小世界】8W魔力有奖活动*说说那些曾经感动过你的电影吧。第一名:8W魔 力

音乐讨论区: 晒出你们收藏的CD 卡带 黑胶碟!第一名:4W魔力

CHD精英区:精英区第一届精英行动“秀Time,我与CHDBits的情缘” 投稿专贴。第一名50W魔力!

聊天室活动区以每周抢楼活动为主,还有更多精彩神秘的活动还在后头!想要阿拉丁神灯获得巨额魔力么?点击你 的鼠标,尽情参与吧!