As some of you already know we have made some big changes on site to make us different and better then most torrent sites out there. We will explain the changes below..

We have made the entire site Ratio Free to gain more members who may want to call BitLeechers their home for all torrenting needs. What this means is no Ratio at all is counted. Anything you download and upload is recorded as you can see in the upper left side of the Site by your name. We don't use any of the uploaded or downloaded totals against you because there is no Ratio being recorded. Your downloaded is just there so you can see your total and the uploaded also. But, your uploaded total will determine whether you are promoted into the next User Class depending on the time you have joined and your uploaded totals. Please don't be alarmed if you see your download total higher then your upload total since we dont use a Ratio system anymore. But, we will say that you should atleast try and seed for as long as possible 1:1 or for a minimum of 48 hours to earn Bonus points. You can trade these in at a later time providing you have enough accumulated and the tabs are Hi-Lited for you. We also added a Hit & Run Warning system and it is now in place. The VIP Donation section is nice as well for the VIP Bonus section for trade ins.


The old system was removed so we could bring you the new VIP section. We think most of you will like this very much. Now everything is VIP. If you click on the Donation tab on the Menu you will see for your self how nice it is and what we are now offering our members. If you Donate the system will automatically update your account and make you a VIP member. All VIP's DO NOT need to seed back to site rules as previous. But we strongly suggest you seed to earn your seed Bonus so you can trade the Bonus in at a later time when needed. All VIP's will have an image like this Once the image is gone so is your VIP Status. Unfortunately for anyone who was a VIP on the old system will need to donate once again to enter into the new system we have brought to you. We know some of you have freeleech slots and we will work with you on this. We may add some upload total for you to replace the freeleech slots you already had. Please come to Live Help and speak to an Admin.

Bonus Exchange:

As you can see if you click on your Bonus on the upper left next to your name we have added a few VIP perks. We left the old options for boosting upload totals and invites. If you trade in your Bonus to get VIP you wont be required to seed back during this time. But, we also recommend you seed to earn your Bonus because one day you just may need it again. We do know the points are high and we done this so you will seed to achieve these levels from the start. Again like the Donors you will have an image like this When this images is gone so is your VIP Status.

With enough bonus points acquired, you are able to exchange them for a 1-14 Day VIP Pass. The points are then removed from your Bonus Bank. VIP Status will start automatically. You DO NOT have to seed your torrents during this time. You may HnR.

Warning Level & HnR System:

The Warning Level works with the HnR System now. The first Warning will be when you have accumulated 10 HnR's. The indicator will move and turn yellow into the first warning stage. The second warning will enter a new stage when you have accumulated 15 HnR's. The third warning will move again once more entering you into a last level. Third warning level will send you a PM on site and also ban you from downloading anymore torrents. You will have 14 days to wipe your entire HnR List. If and when you do clear your HnR List the system will automatically remove the Warning Level you were entered in. If you don't wipe the entire list the system will see you as a member who doesn't want to follow the rules and you will be permanently banned from BitLeechers. You have three options here.

1) Seed to Site Rules
2) Zap your torrents
3) Donate to get VIP


Normal Warning Level: Under 10 HnR's
First Warning Level: 10 HnRs
Second Warning Level: 15 HnR's
Third Warning Level: 20 HnR's

Downloading & Seeding:

We do expect all members to seed per Site Rules. If you are not a VIP then you are required by the rules to seed 1:1 or for a minimum of 48 hours with no leechers. If you don't then you will just be adding more HnR's to your List. If you have enough Bonus points you may however use the Zap System and Zap your torrents if you can't seed because of a slow internet connection. The cost is now 150 Bonus Points or the equivalent data in kb, mb and gb. These options are for the member to decide.


Our IRC is getting bigger each day. Why ? Because we offer 1 Bonus point per hour when you idle in our chat channel. We have several other channels for members to idle in as well. So if you would like to idle or chat you can either click on Live Chat from the Sites Menu or install a client like mIRC. Details for the server are below.

Description: bitleechers
Server : If it wont connect use the IP
Port : 6667 (SSL +6697)
Channels : #chat #pre #announce #tv #games #radio #requests

Staff Wanted:

We are looking for members who would like an opportunity to help us grow and Moderate the Site. No experience is required. You will be fully trained. So, if you think you got what it takes please join Live Help and ask for an Admin or fill out a Moderator Application.

Uploaders & Encoders

We would like to Promote members with seedboxes to Uploader. If you can bring content we do not have on the Site. Please fill out a Uploader Application. All other members who would like to Upload can do so. Depending on your speedtest will determine if we will accept you and place you into the Lite Uploader area for smaller torrents. It would be nice to see a few Encoding groups join our team of Uploaders.

A new POLL will be following shortly referring to this Announcement and how you like the new changes. BitLeechers one day will become one of the best sites out there and we will succeed! Staff hope you all will enjoy this site for a very long time. We have already had our first birthday and look forward to the next one. All the changes we have set now will depend on YOU the members. We see there is a huge difference in the amount of seeders and leechers since we went Ratio Free. This was the whole purpose and to get you all involved one way or another. We think it is working very well now. Later we will try and bring an Arcade here so members can also play games on Site. Black Jack seems to be doing well with the members. So stay tuned for updates. Always remember to read your Announcements and PM's on Site. The Site Rules will be changing on the Rules page to reflect what we have done with the new changes in the next few days.

If you like what we are now offering then please support BitLeechers and donate to the running costs of the servers. If the donation progress doesn't reach it's goal in the next couple of months, we may be forced to revert back to a Ratio System!

Thank you all for your cooperation, enjoy the site.