I just like saying 'upload'.

Anyway, after we added the "don't upload a base VIDEO_TS folder" to the rules - something which one would think was obvious - I thought I'd a have a look and see how many we have. And the answer is 'lots'. This is not a good situation to be in; any poor unfortunate who happens to grab two of them is going to find themselves very disappointed when they try to watch them. For that reason, we want you to replace them.

Here's a list here of those that I've found; upload a replacement DVD-R and we'll give you a shiny 20GB bonus. Just be sure that;

• The VIDEO_TS folder is inside another folder; "Film name (year)" is a good format.

• You include a proper description. This means screenshots taken from the DVD, a list of any extras and some basic specs; running time, PAL or NTSC, DVD-5 or -9, that sort of thing.

A warning: don't download two of these simultaneously with a view to reuploading. If you do, you'll run into the very problem we're trying to obviate. When you've replaced one of 'em, mention it here and expect your FREE UPLOAD. Just be sure to mention both torrents (and ffs use the [torrent] tag).

Anyway, the list:

Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller [Other] [1988/DVD-R/VIDEO_TS]
Screams of a winter night [1979/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
The Last Snows Of Spring, Last Moments, Last Feelings [Italy] [1973, 1974, 1978/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
HWY: An American Pastoral [1969/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Goodbye Uncle Tom [1971/NTSC-WS/DVD-R]
A Climax of Blue Power [Other] [1976/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Teenage Deviate - Annie Sprinkle [1973/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Survival Research Labs - Virtures of Negative Fascination [1986/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Amanda By Night [1981/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Forbidden Zone [Full Sp Ed DVD] [1980/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Dark Night Of the Soul 1998 [1998/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Night Walker.1964.VHSrip [Other] [1964/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
She Waits VIDEO TS [1972/VHSRIP/Other]
Dr Giggles [1992/DVDRIP/Other]
Game Of Death Bruce Lee Working Print RARE 1972 DVD [Hong Kong] [1972/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Athens, GA - Inside/Out [1987/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes 1978 ( English-Spanish dvd full ) [Other] 1978/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
O Dragão da Maldade contra o Santo Guerreiro Untouched DVD [Glauber Rocha] [Brazil] [1969/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Bloodsucking Freaks [director's cut] [horror] [1976/DVD-R]
Don't Knock the Rock - Bill Haley/Little Richard classic! [Other] [1956/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Microwave Massacre [1983/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Home Sweet Home [1981/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Contraband [Italy] [1980/DVDRIP/DVD-R] [EuroCrime-Poliziotteschi Project]
Tod Slaughter Double Feature - Murder in the Red Barn and Face at the Window [UK] [1935, 1939/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Exhausted: John C. Holmes, The Real Story with Commentary [1981/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD PART II (Original Audio w/Remastered 2004 Picture) DVD-R [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People [Full DVD] [Japan] [1963/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Vengeance - Shaw Brothers Film - Chang Cheh [Hong Kong] [1970/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Danger: Diabolik [1968/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Previews to Kill [?/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Pistol Packin' Preacher DVDR [Italy] [1971/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Los Cronocrímenes (aka Timecrimes) Nacho Vigalondo ~ time machine sci-fi thriller [Spain] [2007/DVDRIP/XViD]
SUPERMAN: The Musical [1975/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
The Big Gundown [Italy] [1966/Other/DVD-R]
Death Laid an Egg, aka La morte ha fatto un uovo (Giulio Questi, 1968) [Italy] [1968/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Visions of Evil ( AKA So Sad About Gloria ) DVD-Rip [1975/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Angry Red Planet - Full Dvd [1960/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
There's Nothing Out There [1992/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Daigoro vs Goliath [Japan] [1972/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Christina - Jewel Shepard [Spain] [1984/Other/DVD-R]
Desert Warrior [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Chinese Godfather/Duel of Karate (Rarescope/Untouched/Full DVD9) [Hong Kong] [1971/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Bronx Executioner CG [Italy] [1989/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
City Dragon CG [1995/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
ThanXgiving: Dead Harvest Directors Cut [2006/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Puppet Master [UNCUT][Deutsch/English] [Other] [1989/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Aurora Encounter[small ET in 1800s Texas,Jack Elam] [1986/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The VanBebber Collection - Roadkill - My Sweet Satan [2001/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Bettie Page - Varietease and Teaserama Double Feature (SWV) [1954/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Raising The Wind [UK] [1961/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Nero Veneziano aka Damned in Venice [REQ/Custom DVD-R] [Italy] [1978/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes [1989/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Nove Ospiti Per Un Delitto [Italy] [1977/DVDRIP/DVD-R][Giallo/Eurocrime]
Atomic War Bride/This is Not a Test (SWV) [Other] [1960/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
YANCO [Mexico] [1961/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Invaders From Mars - US\UK Versions [DVD9] [1953/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Angry River [Hong Kong] [1971/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Contemporary Estonian Animation vol. 1 & 2: Priit Parn [Other] [1978-1998/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
The Willies [1991/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Prom Night [1980/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Tripper [2006/Other/DVD-R]
Postal [Uwe Boll] [Other] [2007/Other/DVD-R]
Negadon Monster from Mars [Japan] [2005/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Mas Negro Que La Noche/Blacker Than The Night (Untouched) [Mexico] [1975/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
In The Beach House aka Casotto [Italy] [1977/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Bof...Anatomy of A Deliverman [Other] [1971/TVRIP/DVD-R]
Fifty Fifty (Peter Weller) [1992/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Frost: Portrait of a Vampire/ DVD-R 5/ R1 [2001/DVDRIP]
Storm Troopers U.S.A. (Full, Uncompressed SWV) [1969/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The dwarf sorcerer aka magic kid - D-Man / Speedranch - [CG] [Other] [1974/DVDRIP]
Our Man in Marrakesh **UPGRADE** [Eurospy Movie Project] [UK] [1966/DVD5]
Troma Trailers Volume 1 [1995/VHSRIP/Other]
Never Too Young To Die [1986/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Wattstax [DVD9] [1972/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Seedpeople [Full Moon Project] [1992/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Sl8n8 (aka Slacht nacht/Slaughter Night) [Other] [2006/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
White Hell of Piz Palü [full DVD-R, Riefenstahl] [Other] [1929/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Mahler (Fan Restoration DVD) [UK] [1974//DVD-R]
How to Murder Your Wife (Jack Lemmon, Virna Lisi) [1965/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Class of Nuke 'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid [1994/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Night of the Demons 2 [1994/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Firehouse (fixed) [1987/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
National Lampoons: Going the Distance [2004/DVDRIP/DiVX] info added and screenshots fixed
Elvira's haunted hills [2001/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Africa: Texas Style [By Request] [UK] [1967/TVRIP/DVD-R]
Idiots and Angels [2008/Other/DVD-R]
La bete' [Director's cut] [Disc-1 of 3 disc set][France] [1975/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Madam City Hunter aka Born to Fight 6 [Other] [1993/Other/DVD-R]
Virus Undead [Other] [2008/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
A Day Without Policeman [Hong Kong] [1993/Other/DVD-R]
Mysterious Dr Satan Serial [1940/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Troma's Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D (dvd with extras) RESEED [1991/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
National Lampoon Lemmings - John Belushi - Chevy Chase - Christopher Guest [1973/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
I nipoti di Zorro / The Nephews of Zorro [Italy] [1968/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Thriller - A Cruel Picture (aka They Call Her One Eye) [Sweden] [1974/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Dragon's Snake Fist AKA Iron Head (Godfrey Ho/Bruceploitation Project) [Hong Kong] [1979/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Broadcast Bombshells [1995/DVDRIP/XViD]
Arriva Durango, paga o muori AKA Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die Spaghetti Western [ Italy] [1971/DVDRIP/ DVD -R
Tony Rome [with Frank Sinatra] [1967/Crime/DVD-R]
The Hollywood Knights [Other] [1980/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
V is our sign [Japan] [1970/Other/DVD-R] : hilarious, and ultra rare !
The Mack [1973/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The.Big.Bird.Cage.Untouched. [1972/Other/DVD-R]
Breakout [Other] [1975/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Sweepers [UK] [1998/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Portrait Of A Showgirl [1982][Lesley Ann Warren/Tony Curtis/Rita Moreno][DVDR] [Other] [1982/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Alive or Dead [2008/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Pray For Me - The Jason Jessee Film - proskateboarder, racist, lowrider, gun nut, genious [2007/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Teenage Gang Debs/Teenage Strangler - Untouched SWV [1966/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Man from Colorado [1948/DvdRip/Dvd-R]
Superhost - Supe Bits DVD (best of Cleveland OH movie host!) [19??/TVRIP/DVD-R]
Resurrection of the little match girl [Korea] [2002/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Sky High [Japan] [2003/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Shemp Howard Solo Shorts Vol 1 Vitaphone 1930s [1930s/DVDRIP/DVD-R] [1930s/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
1000 Convicts and a Woman [UK] [1971/Other/DVD-R]
Panic in high school [Japan] [1977/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Steiner - Das eiserne Kreuz, 2. Teil [Other] [1979/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Hellfighters 1968 DVDR untouched [Other] [1968/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Invisible Kid [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Kucuk Kiyamet (aka The Little Apocalypse) [Turkey] [2006/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
No Body Is Perfect-Full DVD-5 w/Eng Subs [Other] [2006/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
KING SOLOMON'S MINE (Sharon Stone & Richard Chamberlain) [1985/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight (1994) DVDR [Other] [1994/Other/DVD-R]
The Monster Squad Ext TV Version [1987/TVRIP/DVD-R]
Dracula vs. Frankenstein [1971/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Buster and Billie Rape Revenge Exploitation VHS to DVD [Other] [1974/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Lady Football [Italy] [1979/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Burning (Untouched) [1981/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Ring of Fire [Other] [1991/Other/DVD-R]
The Spider Labyrinth *upgrade* Full DVD [Italy] [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Deadbeat at Dawn [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Lust For Freedom [1987/Troma Project/DVDRIP/Untouched/DVD-R]
Leonera [Lion's Den] (Argentina/WIP) [2007/DVD-R]
La nuit des horloges -- ENGLISH SUBS FULL DVD [Other] [2007/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Criminal Woman: Killing Melody [PINKY/1973] [CG/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Baadasssss Cinema - A look at 70's Blaxploitation Films [DVD] [Other] [2002/Other/DVD-R]
Iluminados Por El Fuego / Blessed By Fire [Argentina] [2005/DVD-5]
Edge of Madness [Canada] [2002/DVD-5]
When The Raven Flies [Other] [1984/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Ultraman Cosmos - The First Contact [Japan] [2001/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Lightning, the white Stallion [REQ] (Unknown rip) Vob's [Other] [1986/Other/Other]
Shogun Assassin (Japan/USA) [Other] [1980/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Scream Greats Vol. 2 (Laserdisc Rip) [1987/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Aftermath trilogy [CG] [Spain] [1998/DVDR/DVDR]
Avenging Angelo [2002/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
They All Laughed [1981/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Cold Harvest (GARY DANIELS) [1999/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Commander Hamilton [Peter Stormare, Mark Hamill] [1998/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Defiance [1980/TVRIP/DVD-R]
"O Monstro Legume do Espaço" 1 & 2 (The Vegetable Monster from Outer Space) [Brazil] [1995/2006/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Veronica 2030 [1999/Other/DVD-R]
Big Foot Terror: The Legend of Bigfoot & Search for The Beast [Other] [1976/1997/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Evil Senses (aka Sensi) - Giallo - Mimsy Farmer [Italy] [1986/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Il ladrone [Italy] [1980/Other/DVD-R]
Georges Melies: First Wizard of Cinema DVD 1/5 [Other] [1896–1913/Other/Other]
China O'Brien HK Widescreen [Cynthia Rothrock Project] [1990/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
American ninja 5 [Other] [1993/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Oi sfaires den gyrizoun piso [Greece] [1967/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
De kassière / Lily was here [Other] [1989/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Kidnapped [Other] [1986/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Malizia [italy] [1973 DVD-R] [Italy] [1973/Other/DVD-R]
Stakeout [1962/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Rosebud DVD9 [1975/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Le Dossier 51 DVD9full [Spy-Crime] [1978/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Child of Glass FULL DVD-R (Filling Request) [1978/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Ju-on 1 (Japanese TV movie) [Japan] [2000/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
FART: The Movie [1991/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Bedford Incident [UK] [1965/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Part 2 (1996) DVD-9 with extras [1996/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Rubber's Lover [Japan] [1996/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
BOWERY BOYS upgrade VOL. 21 [Crashing Las Vegas & Fighting Trouble] [1956/TVRIP/DVD-R]
The Horrible Secret of Dr. Hichcock [BEAUTIFUL custom DVD-R PAL] [Italy] [1962/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Blood Sabbath - DVD5 PAL [1972/DVD-R]
Hit! [1973/TVRIP/DVD-R]
Killer Rats [2002/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
AD Project [Italy] [2006/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Live Wire: Human Timebomb (Bryan Genesse & Joe Lara) [1996/Other/DVD-R]
Perseo l’Invincible (Perseus the Invincible) [Sword & Sandal Project] [French Language] [Italy/Spain] [1963/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Ghoul School - Super Bloody Splatter University Edition [1990/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Little Big Top [2006/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Terry Moore - Paradise Found [2004/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Love Slaves of the Amazon [1957/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
A Hero Never Dies [Hong Kong] [1998/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Phantom of Death aka Der Tod wartet in Venedig [Full German DVD] [Italy] [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
VICTIMS (aka Day of the Rapist/ Paulie The Rapist/ Surfside Strangler/ Portrait of a Strangler/ The Strangler) [1977/DVDRIP] [1977/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Black Angel 2 (-CG) [Japan] [1999/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Beautiful Prey (CG) [Japan] [1996/DVDRIP/XViD]
Kim Newman`s Guide to the Flipside of British Cinema [UK] [2010/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Ilsa Tigress Of Siberia - Danish DVD Scanbox [Other] [1977/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Killer Love (-CG) (Full Untouched DVD) Kari Wuhrer, Lloyd Simandl [2001/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Survivng.The.Game.1994.UntouchedDVD1994 [1994/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
3615 Code Pere Noel [France] [1989/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Evil Ed [Sweden] [1995/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Meridian [1990/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Universal Soldier [1992/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Mistress Frankenstein [2000/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Savage Weekend [1979/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Eternal Evil of Asia (Nan yang shi da xie shu) [Hong Kong] [1995/DVDRIP/DVD-R] [Hong Kong] [1995/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
LA Crackdown [Troma Project] [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Testa t'ammazzo, croce... sei morto... Mi chiamano Alleluja [Italy] [1971/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers [2006/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Au-delà de la haine (Al di là dell'odio) (full french DVD)(request) [Italy] [1972/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Thief of Paris (Le Voleur) Jean Paul Belmondo [Other] [1967/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Strategic command chiama Jo Walker - ITALIAN LANGUAGE [Italy] [1967/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Shark Zone [2003/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Cloud Dancer(David Carradine RARE) [Other] [1980/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
In God We Tru$t [1980/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Strategic command chiama Jo Walker - ITALIAN LANGUAGE - RESEED because COPIED with DVDFAB [Italy] [1967/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Valley Of The Dragons UPGRADE [1961/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Dirty Dozen - The Fatal Mission [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
This Predicament [2007/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Fortunes of War [1994/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Late Great Planet Earth (Hal Lindsey and Orson Welles) [Full DVD] [1979/DVD/DVD-R]
Death Tube (X gêmu) [Japan] [2010/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Boundaries AKA Erotic Boundaries FULL DVD ( tits a plenty ) [1997/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Kathy Shower. PLaymate , Model , Mom. 2009. ( Older - but what a fucking MILF ! ) [UK] [2009/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Final Justice aka. We the People (James Brolin, Shawn Huff) [1994/DVD/DVD-R]
Confessions of a Call Girl (AKA Sex Files: Double Identity) [1998/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Reality Kills (aka Reality Check)-Untouched DVD-2002 [2002/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Night Children(David Carradine VS Gang) [1989/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Angel and the Badman/1947/DVDRIP/DVDR]
World of Mystery [1979/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Six Assassins 1971 DVDRip DVD-R [China] [1971/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Holy Robe of Shaolin Temple 1985 DVDRip DVD-R [Hong Kong] [1985/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Secret of Nikola Tesla (UFO TV, Orson Wells, Strother Martin) [Other] [1980/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Stray Dogs (Sag-haye velgard) 2004 DVDR DVDRip [Other] [2004/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Kickboxer 3: The Art of War / Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor [USA] [1992/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Kickboxer 2: The Road Back [USA] [1991/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Buddah Collapsed Out Of Shame (2007) PAL DVD5 [Other] [2007/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Junior [1985/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Take Down(Lorenzo Lamas) [UK] [1979/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
The Neanderthal Man ('100% Weird!' TV Beverly Garland and Saber-toothed Tiger) [1953/TVRIP/DVD-R]
Albino Farm [2009/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Sons of Steel (Directors' Cut) [Australia] [1989/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
A Real American Hero (Brian Dennehy) and True Blood (Jeff Fahey) Double Feature [1978 and 1989/DVD/DVD-R]
P.R.O.B.E. 02 - The Devil of Winterborne (Pre-Torchwood Doctor Who spinoff) [UK] [1995/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
P.R.O.B.E. 03 Unnatural Selection (Pre-Torchwood Doctor Who spinoff + 'Making Of') [UK] [1996/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Heart of Dragon [Jackie Chan Project] [Hong Kong] [1985/DVDRIP/DVD-R] - Custom
Mr. Big [Hong Kong] [1978/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Hell on the Battleground [PAL Full DVD9] [1989/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Woman Who Came Back [1945/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Matthew Blackheart: Monster Smasher ( Bruce Campbell rip-off / spoofy fun ! ) UPGRADE [2002/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Women's Camp 119 aka. SS Extermination Camp [Italy] [1977/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Super Fly [Blaxploitation] [1972/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Jue dou si wang da AKA The True Game of Death [Clones of Bruce Lee Project] [Taiwan] [1981/Other/DVD-R]
Rituals (Code Red DVD-9) (Canada/US) [1977/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
White Lies [Canada] [Other] [1998/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Let 'Er Go Gallegher (Junior Coghlan, Harrison Ford) silent [1928/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Jackson County Jail / Caged Heat [Roger Corman's Cult Classics] [1974/1976/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Best of Trash Film Festival VOL1 [Other] [2006-2009/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Sledgehammer [USA] [1983/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu [USA] [2009/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Lady football - ITALIAN LANGUAGE - RESEED [Italy] [1979/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Chopper Wars [Richard Lynch] [1988/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
La Morte Non Ha Sesso - A Black Veil for Lisa Custom DVD Fandub ENG ITA [Italy] [1968/TVRIP/DVD-R]
Give Us Tomorrow [UK] [1978/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Unman, Wittering and Zigo [upgrade] [UK] [1971/TVRIP/DVD-R]
Black Emanuelle, white Emanuelle - Emanuelle bianca e nera [Italy] [1976/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Dark Romances Volume 2 - Bleeding Hearts [1990/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Image of Bruce Lee [Clones of Bruce Lee] [Hong Kong] [1978/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Kombina REQ [Bulgaria] [1982/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Nuclear Family (post apocalyptic) [2010/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Asylum of Terror [1998/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Spiders (NASA Experiment Creates Giant Spiders on the Campus!) [2000/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Legend of Alfred Packer [1980/DVDRIP/DiVX]
Farewell to the Planet of the Apes [1981/TVRIP/DVD-R]
Life, Liberty and Pursuit on the Planet of the Apes [1981/TVRIP/DVD-R]
The Aurora Monsters: The Model Craze That Gripped the World [2010/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Forced Entry [1975/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Cries of Ecstacy Blows of Death [English Subs] [Italy] [1973/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Edge of the City [Ritt/Cassavates/Poitier/Warden Longshoremen Race Drama] [1957/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
L'Erotomane (Janet Agren) (english audio) [Italy] [1974/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
The Comeback[Pete Walker][Digitally Remastered & Widescreen] [UK] [1978/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Un uomo dalla pelle dura [Italy] [1972/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Charming Billy [Req] [1999/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Barnes and Barnes : Zabagabee [1989/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday 1976 Fandub ENG GER DVD-R [1976/Other/DVD-R]
Io non protesto, io amo [Italy] [1967/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Io Cristiana, studentessa degli scandali German VHS2DVD [Italy] [1971/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Daughter of the Jungle [Italy] [1982/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Illtown [1996/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Ferdinando e Carolina [Italy] [1999/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Shaolin Fist of Fury - NTSC DVD5 - Eng dub only
Secret of Shaolin Kung Fu
Crazy Guy With Super Kung-Fu - NTSC DVD5 - Eng dub only
Spia spione [Italy] [1967/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Hatchetman [2003/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
ALL MEN ARE APES! (Something Weird Video) [1965/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
THE APE WOMAN (Something Weird Video) [1964/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Dove vai tutta nuda? AKA Where Are You Going All Naked [Italy] [1969/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Call Me Salome - Chiamami Salomè [Italy] [2005/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Thursday Morning Murders (UBER-RARE) [1976/VHSRIP/DVD-R]
Project S (Michelle Yeoh) DVD-R Custom English Subs [Hong Kong] [1993/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Ironheart Untouched & Uncut Bolo Yeung [1992/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Gang Wars (aka One Deadly Road) [1998/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Der Tod ritt dienstags [Italy] [1967/Other/DVD-R]
Marca do Terrir (Ivan Cardoso Super 8 Short Collection that includes Nosferato in Brazil) (8mm Project) [Brazil] [2005/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Flaming Nipples aka Mamilos em Chamas (Gurcius Gewdner, with English Subs, Surrealistc Porn Adventure aproved by TROMA) [Brazil] [2008/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Fruit Machine [UK] [1988/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
Downtown: A Street Tale [2004/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Red Shoes Extened Uncut W/FanSubs Rare [2005/DVDRIP/Other]
Off the Dole [UK] [1935/DVDRIP/DVD-R]
The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger [2011/DVDRIP/DVD-R]