A few days ago a mass email was sent out to members letting them know about a HUGE lottery. About 800 emails bounced back, putting unnecessary strain on the server. Twilight members need to keep their email addies up to date. Not doing so risks deletion of their account. This is not a new policy. This is all explained in the Forums under Important Twilight info, Why keep email updated?

Last line of post: "Also if your emails get bounced back to the server and put a strain on the server your account will get deleted. We do not want to have you have to start all over here at Twilight so keep this in mind"

If you are reading this email it means that it did NOT bounce back, you do not have to worry about your account being deleted because of having a bad email addy. Just remember to keep your email up to date.

If this email is in your spam/junk folder, please unmark it as junk.

Thank you for being a part of the Twilight family. We love you all and hate losing any of you.