A two week upload contest for September!

Let's cut the crap. You want a contest, and I want it to be October so I can launch my horror-thon. We'll here ya go; we're gonna bang out 2 quick weeks of history and then we can get on with the flagship. Why you may ask? Because I assigned a number to each genre and then put it into random.org, that's why.

All uploads marked with the genre History will receive 24 hour freeleech, and they'll all count toward your total on the leaderboard.

Post your uploads in the contest thread to receive the one time entry bonus of 10k!

Our friends at Seedmybox just want to see horror too, so much so that they're going to give a 2010 Gold Seedbox to a random person in the top 50! As well as the usual top prizes! In honor of our legendary legend trza, we will rotate between his old SMB banners for a few months.