The Dev team has been working overtime on MyA, and we have a few updates to inform you of:

1. Our rules page has been updated to make a bit more sense (hopefully) from the old outdated format. Only a few rules have changed, these being related to video that is allowed on site. (We no longer allow music video or documentaries at all unless they are an accompanying tutorial to a book, and we now allow tutorial videos that accompany a book)

The rest has been wording changes to make the rules easier to understand.

You can now view the page in 3 different views, and can select these in the top description:

• Simple: Only gives the categories
• With Descriptions: Includes all the descriptions of the rules
• With Violations: This will list the violations and what you can expect should you break the rules
• You can now link to a specific rule when you are referring to it

2. We now allow accompanying videos when they are for the instructional books that are uploaded. Please have a look at Video Format Rules for more info.

3. You can now minimise your link boxes on the left of the page (General, Torrents, etc). To do this just click on the name. The only one that you will not be able to minimise is the Donate box.