It has been almost two months since our comeback. The response and feedback from our users has been more than satisfactory. We are happy to announce that things have finally started to settle down and we are back on track on becoming the greatest Gaming Tracker ever!

That being said, the site-wide freeleech was well extended beyond the promised duration to allow the members to take full advantage of this opportunity, set their ratios right and get back in the game. As such, site-wide Freeleech has now officially ended. If you see a torrent marked as Freeleech, it is either under the 6 hours Freeleech duration or it is showing up as one because of site cache, which clears up in a few minutes.

We would also like to inform our members that Hit n Run and Ratio Watch will be turned back on soon. You are advised to clear your Hit n Runs and fix your ratio as soon as possible in order to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.

On a happier note, all the members (Amateur and above) are now able to use their invites to share everything that GGn has to offer with their friends/acquaintances. However, these invites will be wiped after 1 week starting right now in preparation of a new Invite System so if there is someone you wish to invite over, now is the time to do it. This is the first time that invites have been opened up for the members since our return which is one of the only two ways for new people to join GGn (the other one being via Application Form). We also believe that our members will use these invites with wisdom and care. And while we are at it, we would like to remind you that Trading/Selling or giving away invites in public is strictly forbidden. See our Golden Rules for more info.

All the members are welcome to provide feedback and drop us a Staff PM if they come across any unfamiliar situation.