Hello and welcome to the new blog operating system. As part of this experiment, I am recruiting new test subjects to assist in blogging in order to enhance Apertu - I mean GazelleGames.

Those wishing to volunteer for this experiment will receive cake and grief counselling at its conclusion. To participate, simply post your story in this thread. If after careful review by an Aperture - I mean GazelleGames panel of experts (me) it is deemed worthy it will be added to the blog so you can bask in your new found fame and glory.

If you become a regular contributor to the blog other rewards will most likely be added. Perhaps additional cake. Perhaps other things. Time shall tell.

Ideas for blog posts:

- Game reviews
- Gaming news
- Reminiscing about historical games/genres
- Discussions of future of gaming
- PC hardware / console reviews
- Any other gaming related topics you can come up