General news:

A week ago we sent out a new site announcement. We don't think many members are reading the announcements. We have also sent pm's and emails to all members in our db on what we have been changing to make this your home for torrenting. One of the biggest changes was to bring you (the members) a ratio free site. We listened and heard quite a few of you about doing this. So, we set it in motion and brought it for the entire site. No one has a ratio. This means you can download what you want and as many torrents as you want. But, the other side of this is the warning level & hnr system we put into play. This all has been incorporated in our site rules for everyone to read. Please don't worry about your downloaded total as it has no impact on you what so ever. We left that in place for members so they can see what they download and what they upload (seeded back). This basically is telling you the entire site is freeleech in a sense. Download anything you like and seed to earn seeding bonus. It doesn't matter how many seeders or leechers there are on a torrent as long as you get what you are looking for makes us happy. I mean we are ratio free! One day you may need seeding bonus to advance you to the next user class on site. We thought keeping it this way like we have would be better then bringing a whole new rank system which infact we don't need.


As you all know we have a donation progress bar on the upper right side of the site. This image explains clearly we have 50% donations thus far and with only 8 days left to the new month starts. The next big change was bringing all members affordable donation levels. From now on when a member donates they are locked into a VIP status for however long the VIP is for depending on the amount you donate. For further information please click on the donation tab on the left side of the sites menu and have a nice look what we have to offer. We would like to thank "ursule" who has donated $400.00 to the running costs of the servers. This member wasn't even on the site one full day and donated. If you would like to thank this member please do so in the shoutbox.


* VIPs are exempt from the hnr system and do not need to seed back.
* Non VIPs will need to seed 1:1 or for a minimum of 48 hours.


Yesterday the owner added a nice selection of arcade games for everyone to enjoy. It really sounds like an arcade when you enter. If you see any errors besides the high scores not clickable then please make a help desk query and let us know.

Okay, now with all this said we need your support to help us grow larger then we are now. We don't want to beg for donations like other sites do, but we are finding ourselves having to do this now. So please consider a small donation so we can hit the 100% donation progress this month. We are now working off of the invite system and encourage you to invite members you can trust. If you need more invites added to your account then contact the help desk and a member of staff can add more for you. Be careful not to make duplicate ips as we do disable any duplicate ip accounts that are made on site without staff permission.