Lately staff here at BitLeechers have been getting help desk questions and members coming to live help in IRC saying that they can not download a torrent on site because there is 0 seeders on that torrent.

99% of the torrents on site have the "Request More Seeders" tab at the top of the torrent under the download tab. If you click on that tab it will send out a request for more seeders, 99% of the time you will get a seeder on that torrent after clicking that option, you may need to refresh the page a couple of times to make sure you get a seeder. If you have the torrent in your torrent client make sure you stop it then start it again and then you should be good to go. If you are in the middle of a download and the torrent stops downloading click the "Request More Seeders" tab and then stop the torrent in your torrent client and then start it again and the download should start again for you. If after a few minutes you do not get a seeder on the torrent or the torrent doesn't start downloading again or if you get an error message when clicking "Request More Seeders" then feel free to contact Help Desk with the link to the torrent you are having an issue with and one of the admins on site will do our best to get that torrent seeding for you.

1% of the torrents on site are uploaded by someone from our upload team on site and will not have the "Request More Seeders" option, if you are trying to download one of those torrents and there is 0 seeders on that torrent then you will need to contact Help Desk and ask a staff member to work on getting a seeder on that torrent, just make sure you paste the link to that torrent or PM the uploader of that torrent and request that person to seed that torrent.

Staff here at BitLeechers are always here to help the best we can, so we can't make it any easier for the members here when it comes to downloading torrents, so make sure you always try one of the few options I have listed above before contacting Help Desk or uploader. Enjoy the site and if you like BitLeechers feel free to help support us by donating to the cost of the server bills, our donations is all fully automated and will reflect on your account, immediately.