Hello IPT community, we are listening to your feedback.

As per numerous situations that have unfolded over the past few months and after many discussions by IPT Staff, we're happy to bring another revision to our own Hit and Run system. As per the current rules of our Hit and Run system:

20 or more torrents (less than 1.0 ratio) left unseeded for a period of five consecutive days will trigger one (1) warning to your account.

Once you've received a warning, you cannot get another one for 30 days.

We allow you these 30 days to get your situation under control to prevent another warnings. From now on we're happy to announce that a new provision has been added:

For every two months that a user goes without getting any warnings, one (1) warning will be removed from their account.

This new provision will now allow you to rid yourself of old Hit and Runs that you have on your account by simply being a good user of IPT and seeding back.

Thanks very much to Microsoft and XTF for their hard work in making this possible.