Join our Halloween contests and win the prizes!

SceneTime Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween costume contest will end on Oct 20 so hurry up.

Rules are simple to follow.

1: Photo entry must only feature costume submitted for judging.
2: multiple entry is allowed but keep it in same post by editing your old post and adding more.
3: Halloween costume should be your own not from online or Google searched.
4: Make sure to have a small SceneTime tag with your costume.

Winner will get 150GB of upload credit, one month VIP status and 3 invites.

Scenetime Halloween Banner Contest

Please follow the following rules.

1. Banner with a Halloween / SceneTime motive
2. Size 950px x 150px jpg.png.gif formats
3. Competition ends saturday 26th of October 2013 (be sure to post your entry(ies) before then)
4. Multiple entries are allowed. Please post them together. Edit and add..
5. The banner must be your own creation. (any copy pastes will get disqualified)
6. Have fun! And show us what you got!

The prize will be 100GB upload credit, one month VIP status and the title of competition winner till next Halloween. The winner will be picked by voting on a poll created for the effect and decided by ST members. I know we have some very talented graphic artists now is your time to shine, everyone is welcome to participate no matter your skill level.

Some ideas could be;

- horror related
- traditional halloween pumpkins, ghosts and the sort or even charlie brown theme

The possibilities are endless use your imagination just remember keep it clean and represent SceneTime in it somewhere.

We look forward to all your entries.