Hi all, I wanted to address all members with duplicate accounts. Our Community Guidelines clearly state the following:

One account per household please. If you are found using more than one account both of them will be banned. This has become an epidemic here at LearnFlakes. I am opening this topic so that members can be clear as to our stance on duplicate accounts.

I have a duplicate account. What do I do?

In the spirit of allowing people to fess up to their mistakes, you may contact me via private message and let me know that you have already made duplicate accounts. In the pm, provide me the name(s) of your accounts, and I will work with you so that you may keep the account of your choice.

Other people in my household etc have accounts. What do I do?

We understand that sometimes more than one person in a household make accounts. We don't allow this until you are VIP Members - so you should send me a pm and let me know the situation and the name(s) of the accounts. As long as these accounts are not being used to abuse/bypass our site features - I will be happy to work with you.

I was suspended, banned etc. What do I do?

Tough luck. Actions were taken on your account for a reason. If you are banned, you are banned. You will not be welcomed back.

If your account was banned (for a day, a week or two weeks) this does not mean that you should create a new account to circumvent the with same IP. If you do create a new account, your banned ID will automatically turn into a IP ban. If you have questions about anything written above, feel free to post them in the relevant forum thread. I will do my best to answer your questions as soon as possible.