Its that time of year again, the greatest month of horror October! So in true THC tradition for our 5th year we have Octoberfest.

How it works:

Dead simple: you upload ONE movie a day throughout the month of October, totalling 31 uploads. Then post your uploads in this thread. Those of you that complete the month shall be rewarded handsomely.


* All movies must be tagged 'Octoberfest', untagged uploads won't be counted
* Only ONE movie a day will be counted, skipping a day then uploading two won't be counted nor will multiple daily uploads
* Any format may be used but please check for dupes
* No porn
* FMOTW and TOTM offers may not be used, they are separate competitions
* You are expected to edit your own post and update movie links each day
* Have fun


There will be a mixture of karma freeleech slots and upload GB for those of you that complete the month, I will contact you at the end to discuss what's best for you. Good luck and I look forward to Octoberfest V.