LearnFlakes is rapidly growing and one important aspect of our mission is security of our members, so now we are on SSL. Now the traffic to LearnFlakes will be secure, hope you guys enjoy. I don't need to explain what SSL is, everyone knows that right?

Well, after a lot of planning we finally got the idea up and running; awards for the LearnFlakes members, below you can see the awards list which will be given to LF members for their efforts to the community. I hope all the people will contribute to the community.

1. I'm active

Given to those who showed good activity in the community.

2. Best Supporter

Given to those who offer support in the community helping LF.

3.Bug Reporter

Given to those who found a bug and reported it helping LF to become bug free.

4. Best Donor

Given to those who extend LF its lifetime.

5. Trusted Member

Given to those whom we trust as a trusted member.

6. Most Wanted Member

Given to those who contributed to the community uploading and seeding.

7. Best Seeder

Given to those who seeded torrents the best.

Some more will be updated in the coming days, if you got some award Idea post it in the relevant thread and we will add it.