Azureus/Vuze has been around for ages, it was amongst the first torrent client yours truly used, along with vanilla BitTorrent. It has plugin capabilities, that make malicious activities really easy, which was the main reason behind this decision. Another factor was that Azureus currently has minimal percentage of users; less than 1% of all peers and around 100 unique users. For those two reasons, we have decided to drop it from client whitelist completely as of 15th of October 2013. At 00:01 GMT October 16th 2013, any Azureus/Vuze version will not be able to communicate with the tracker. Recommended alternatives: qBittorrent, Transmission, uTorrent v2.2.1, Deluge, libTorrent and for a complete list of allowed clients please see the allowed clients list (all Azureus/Vuze versions excluded).