The big freeleech period from right after the re-opening of Gazelle Games is over. But thatís no reason to be sad. Why? Because this opens the door again for one of the biggest contests going on here:

The Gaming Hall of Fame

Whatís the vision?

We would like to find out, which games are the most popular amongst our beloved community for the various genres of all the gaming systems around. No ratings from testers of different websites, magazines, whatever. We would like to know YOUR opinion. And finally over some time a unique Hall of Fame will be created representing the spirit of Gazelle Games.

How am I able to contribute?

Maybe you clicked already on the Link above in the Main-Header. If not, do it NOW. You can see two sticky topics and lots of threads for various gaming systems. All of those system-threads are equal. There are 12 genres. Simply post, which game you like the best for these. Donít worry. You donít need to cover all twelve genres. If you nominate a game only for one, that is perfectly fine too. You can always come back later and add more or amend your choice.

Tip: Please be sure to check the instructions to ensure your vote is counted correctly.

Whatís the benefit?

The Leader of each genre of each system will be set FREELEECH. Yay, letís say it one more time, because it sounds so nicely. FREELEECH. Ideally that will net to a total of hundreds of games, which are set FREELEECH permanently. But beware. As constantly new nominations will be made, so may change the leader. Therefore, go ahead and support your favourite game to give it a push into the right direction.

I do like games, nobody else likes?

Thatís no reason for not posting them. And that way, we will notice games, we probably never heard of before.

Help! I posted already for a system.

Thatís great. Thank you. But you shall know, that you can always come back and make new entries, when you feel your old nominations are obsolete. Also be sure to check out our 4 brand new genres, you can nominate for. Please indicate in your posting, when this is your second, third, etc. post in this thread. That makes it easier for us to manage.

What are you waiting for. Ready, Steady, Go Nominating.