Hello everyone!

Just last month we celebrated our 4th year of Jpopsuki 2.0

But think about it, "2.0" implies that at some point there was a Jpopsuki 1.0. Yes that's right, Jpopsuki has actually been around for much longer than 4 years, you may even be surprised to learn that before Jpopsuki 1.0 there was a subbing group called Jpopsuki. You can't read about this stuff anywhere and we think it's about time we collect a written history of how Jpopsuki has come to be what it is today.

We are calling on all veteran and long time users to share their personal accounts to help us paint a diverse picture of Jpopsuki's history, through out the ages from its inception with the original subbing group to the modern day 2.0

In particular we are interested in the perspective of users who:

- Know about the original Jpopsuki subbing group (founded even before there was a tracker)
- Have been around since Jpopsuki 1.0
- Have been a member 3 years or more
- Are, or have been, very active on the forums
- Are, or have been, very active on the IRC
- Are familiar with the sites development (especially during 1.0 and the early stages)
- Are former members of staff

Please try an include as much information as possible, including usernames, dates, specific events, screenshots, quotes, or logs. We recommend using http://pastebin.com/ for posting logs or other lengthy text records.

Share your accounts and stories with us! Staff will take of putting everything together and in chronological order. The more you can share the more we can work with!

Please try to refrain from arguing or getting off track with small talk. Share your perspective, otherwise allow other users share their accounts. Share your history accounts on the forum.