It's finally here, and heaven help us all, because we're not all going to get out of this alive. Oc-frigging-tober at PassThePopcorn means it's time to scream, it's time to cry, it's time to run, and it's time to die. Horror bish, non-negotiable, and just since this is the fucking flagship, I'm bumping the prizes up a bit too! So settle in, arm yourself, or just start praying to whatever gods you believe in, it doesn't really matter. Save your souls, because your asses belong to PTP.

All uploads marked with the genres Horror or Thriller will receive 24 hour freeleech, and they'll all count toward your total on the leaderboard. Post your uploads in the contest thread to receive the ONE TIME entry bonus of 10k!

Our friends at Seedmybox wanna see blood, so to encourage the mayhem they're giving away a 2010 Gold Seedbox to a random person in the top 50! As well as the usual top prizes! In honor of our legendary legend trza, we will rotate between his old SMB banners for a few months.