The following changes to our XLD log checker will be enacted on November 5th:

Log Checksum must be enabled via the XLD Log Checksum plugin. XLD rips made without the Log Checksum enabled will have 1 point deducted from their log score. Having the Log Checksum enabled provides another method to verify the Log as being authentic. While a Log Checksum is not certifiable proof that a log has not been edited, a checksum which "fails" does confirm that an edit of some sort has been made, so utilizing this tool is beneficial.

To be clear: any torrents with XLD logs uploaded prior to November 5th will be scored under the existing no-checksum rules, and no currently uploaded perfect FLACs ripped with XLD will be downgraded to 99%.

Installing the Log Checksum Plugin:

For those who have not yet installed the XLD Log Checksum plugin, we would like to recommend this guide. Anyone requiring additional help should send a PM to the FLS via the Staff Inbox or visit on our IRC network.

Trumping Reminder:

Any deduction which does not affect audio data, such as a missing checksum, receives a 1 point deduction and a note in the deduction explanation stating that audio data was not affected. A rip which only has non-audio deductions is allowed to trump another rip with audio-affected deductions. As an example, a 99% XLD rip is still allowed to trump a 70% rip with a CRC mismatch. The only upload that can trump a rip with non-audio deductions is a perfect 100% FLAC rip.

Many thanks to the Delta Team, in particular 999999, for help testing and preparing documentation for this project.