As per the Site Announcement made on 2013-09-14 we haven't noticed much of a difference with the amount of leechers. We made this big change with a ratio free site to better BitLeechers and to allow all members to download whatever they want not having to worry about a ratio. We also made it with a HnR Warning System which is very fair as long as you don't have 20 or more HnR's. If everyone thought the same as a lot of you "Well BitLeechers doesn't have many seeders or leechers" then what is the sense of having a site like we do with the amount of torrents we provide for your pleasure to download? We are constantly updating something to bring you the best site we possibly can. We do know we can't make everyone happy, but we try to do our best. Don't worry if you download more then you have uploaded. Because after all this is what a ratio free site is. We have had a few members asking if we are a dump site. We are a dump site! We are in competition with all private sites. As for some asking if we are secure? We are very secure and will continue to hide your information from any other member. You can also go to your profile and change your profile to allow members to see your account details, but we DO NOT encourage you to do this. Private sites are what they are, private!

Another reminder that wasn't added to this original announcement was, that all VIP's DO NOT have to seed back to site rules. Sorry if we neglected to add this to the previous announcement. You can get VIP from supporting us by either donating or trading in your bonus. The doors are closed and are now working off of the invite system. If you have any friends you can trust and would like to join BitLeechers then please invite them. If you run out of invites please click on Live Help or make an Help Desk Query and we would be more then welcome to add you a few more. Our tracker has been online just over a year and we plan on staying around for a long time. We know it takes time to establish a new torrent site and have made the big changes to help everyone. The people who have helped us create and manage this site are well known across other sites. So, all we are asking is to give us a chance to make this one of the greatest general trackers around. Please take the time to read through all of this in the older announcements. If you have any questions about anything then please contact staff, thanks.