The following are a set or rules which all members of LF Forums must follow while using the forums. Any rule breaking will result in warning's by any of our staff and if it is persistent rule breaking then accounts may also be suspended or you may even get banned. Thanks for your cooperation.

· Respect all Administrators, Super Moderators, Moderators and First Line Support at all times.

· No aggressive behavior, foul language (mis-typed or disguised), racism, talking about religion/faith or political slurs and discussions in torrent comments or the forums.

· No prices are to be listed in the forums for anything.

· Please keep all topics to the point, not drifting off and spamming the topic.

· No links or information to/about other torrent websites to be posted in the forums

· No links to filesharing or direct download sites allowed.

· No advertising/referring/selling/begging to be posted in the forums.

· Do not mention seedbox/vpn/tor providers and their prices anywhere in the forum.

· Do not talk about XXX or post links to XXX torrents in the forums. This includes the reseed section of the forum.

· Please ensure all questions are posted in the correct section in the forums. If unsure please post in the miscellaneous help section of the forum if you are unsure where to post.

· We advise you don't write your contact details e.g address or email address publicly on the forums for your own privacy.

· NO REQUESTS ALLOWED. Don't request uploads in forums threads. If you are Power User or higher, use the request button at the top of the page for requests.

· Please read the FAQ and other posts in the forums before asking any questions!

· Do not share your IP addresses or other personal information should you not desire it. This also includes your passkey.

· Please do not post serial codes or links to cracks. Also do not ask for either serial codes or cracks.

· No trolling posts or anything similar - this Includes double/multi posting.

· No posting to vote for anything off site. No exceptions.

· No asking for donations or anything similar in any way.

· English is the primary language for this site and is to be used in every area, no foreign languages are to be used anywhere on site or on profiles (with the exception of the foreign language forums)

· In Overseas Members Help Section, please check your country/language before starting a new thread. Dupe threads will be removed and warning will be given to the User who started the dupe.

· Finally, please do not talk about creating torrent websites on the forums.

Any breaches of these rules will result in a warnings/bans as LF Staff deem appropriate.

The use of foul or abusive language is expressly forbidden in the forums. More and more we are seeing the use of alternative spellings or in some cases alternative words. This is becoming tiresome and I would like to see it stopped. I do not accept any argument for the use of foul or abusive language in the forums, disguised or otherwise. If you are not capable of debate without the use of such language then we will remove the forums completely; you have been warned.