As you likely have noticed already, earlier this week we wiped invites site wide. This was to adjust for some changes to our user class system. We felt that the amount of invites users had was getting a bit out of control and opted to tighten the reigns on invites a bit. Below our are new invite settings (which can be found in the wiki):

- Cannot send invites

- Can send invites but can only gain them through contests or donating, none are automatically gained

Pro Gamers:
- 1 invite at promotion to send to a good friend

Elite Gamers:
- 2 invites at promotion to send to close friends

Legendary Gamers:
- 0 invites at promotion but 2 invites a month up to a max of 2

Master Gamers:
- 0 invites at promotion but 2 invites a month up to a max of 4

This should ensure that invites are being used wisely and not thrown around like some sort of commodity. It hopefully will also entice people to get those awesome top ranks here at GGn!

While some people might worry that this will lead to few new users at GGn, you need not worry. We will be re-opening threads at all of the major trackers shortly for recruiting new blood into GGn. We also plan to revise our applications system to be more effective and hopefully we can draw a lot of new blood in via the apps!

If you have any concerns feel free to contact the staff via the staff PM tool. And on one last note, welcome to all of those users that just found their way back to GGn! We're glad to have you back!