In anticipation of What.CD's fast-approaching 6th birthday, the Staff would like to turn the microphone over to the community: we're inviting our users to submit any questions they'd like, and we'll do our best to answer as many of them as is possible. These questions can be mundane, incisive, easy, difficult, lighthearted, serious--it's up to you. You can submit as many questions as you like. Your questions may be general, or directed at specific members of the Staff Team.

To facilitate this process, Ajax has coded a special tool which you can use to submit your questions. You may also cross-post your questions in this thread, and discuss or brainstorm topics you'd like us to answer with the help of fellow members. Please note, however, that our answers will be appearing in the tool itself.

In providing these answers, each interested staff member will respond to questions he or she chooses. Multiple staffers can answer the same question. As stated, staff answers will appear in the tool as they're written, with more questions being answered over time. It's time to get your journalism on, troops. Enjoy!

• Do not use this tool as a replacement for Staff PMs. For example, account-related questions will not be answered.
• Rude, insulting, or otherwise inflammatory questions will be deleted (or worse). Follow the site rules when submitting.
• Properly formatted, clearly worded questions are more likely to be answered.
• It is likely that we will receive redundant questions. While we may not answer your question, we may well answer a similar one.