Happy Spooky Season! We're kicking off the creepy with another uploading contest because there can ever be enough scary.

How do I enter, you ask? Upload any film in any (rule abiding) format that has IMDb genre tags of Horror or Thriller (or both) and that will count as a contest entry. Every eligible torrent added after this news post will be freeleech for 24 hours.

As a reward for your efforts we have some nice prizes for you.

A random member in the top ten uploaders will receive a Pro VPS, generously provided by SeedVPS.com.

Additionally, the top ten uploaders will each receive a custom avatar designed by the one and only DeliCinq and their choice of a custom title.

We also have several "buffer bombs" of 50 GB upload credit that will be randomly awarded to any member entering the contest. We'll list the winners in this post as they are awarded over the course of the next two weeks.

Finally, as an extension goal: if we reach 100 total contributors to this contest every enabled member will receive 10 GB upload credit each. This contest will end in 2 weeks from now.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind any member that might be interested in uploading content on a regular basis that we have spots on our upload team vacant. To apply simply ensure you have at uploaded least 20 torrents already and send us a Staff PM.

Finally, the warez scene recently finalised their SD x264 release rules. This update has effectively killed Xvid as a release format and made SD x264 the new accepted format. Scene releases make up the majority of Xvid releases on site so this will mean we'll need to decide how to proceed given that the rate of Xvid releases will drop off rather sharply. If you'd like your opinion heard feel free to join the unofficial discussion.