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Thread: Newbie Q&A

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    Question Newbie Q&A

    Hi, just stopped in while searching for info on the scene. Not knowing much in the torrent world, certainly that applies here. Long time "NG" user, but lately that has become very...difficult. Wanting to join "NG" release group for HD mov releases. Alternately, been using bitsoup to get what my "NG" provider has stripped. Possibly going all torrent is only option. I just don't know how things work here. Looking for some basic info...B A S I C, as in for newbies. Thank you for pointing me...somewhere.

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    Firstly, welcome to TiZ.

    Secondly as far as things work around here unfortunately there is no Invite Forum For Newbies or similar quick reference book or guide so that makes that aspect a bit difficult to help you with I'm afraid. Simply lurking for a bit and checking out the sticky threads and such might be best in this case to try to get an idea of things.

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    Welcome kidknicky, enjoy your stay here

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    Welcome Onboard mate.

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    Welcome aboard mate, Read the rules and enjoy your stay here.

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