Today we are launching a Pumpkin Carving Contest. So, if any member or staff would like to eneter then simply post your Pumpkin Carvings on the forum. The contest will run from today until October 31, 2013. We will have 3 winners and each member will recieve 250GB added to their upload credit. All members and staff can vote on the 3 best carvings they like. Please don't cheat with any program such as Photoshop. If staff see's that a member has cheated you will be disqualified! This is to be fun and get members active and to enjoy a great community. We only have one rule for this contest. Incorporate (BL) and your site (name) anywhere on the pumpkin or use a different skill like writing it on paper and attaching it to your pumpkin(s) this way you don't interfere with your carving.