Heya all,

We have monitored and taken your suggestions to heart and there have been a few changes:

1. The millionaires vault max donation amount has now been increased 2000 points a day
2. The millionaires vault donation timer has been changed to site time. In other words you can now donate 2000 points a day, instead of every 24 hours. i.e. if you donate at 15:00 (site time) you will be able to donate again at 00:01 (site time)

We have also increased the max amount the you can donate to one member at a time to 1000 points. Unfortunately, we have also had to cap the amount that you can send a to a single member per day to 1000 as well. i.e. you can send a maximum of 1000 points to each user per day. (you can send member A 1000 points, member B 1000 points and so on) This is for a few reasons, including:

• We have new members joining and starting off with 25000 - 30000 points. We know our members are generous (and we encourage this), but we do wish new members (many of which have never been on a private tracker) learn how to seed and be part of the community. Remember that we give each new member 1000 points as well when they join.
• We have had members that are using the received bonus points to clear up to 50 h&r's a week instead of seeding them. This goes against the whole point of having a seed-time fix. The option is there for members who have a hard time seeding large torrents, or torrents they can no longer download. It is not there for members to abuse the generous bonus points system.

Keep the suggestions coming all, we love to hear from our users.