FraMeSToR is always looking for new Encoders and Remuxer's to help with the demand of new encodes and remux's

Our Release Types are as followed

1. 1080p x264 Movies & TV Seasons
2. 1080p Remux

We are looking to expand in the following release types

1. 1080p x264 Movies & TV Seasons
2. 720p x264 Movies & TV Seasons
3. 1080p Remux
4. 3D 1080p x264 SBS & OU
5. 3D BD25
6. 3D Remux
7. Full Untouched BluRay & 3D BluRay

If you wish to apply to become a Encoder for FraMeSToR we have 3 levels
1. [Experienced] - Has a vast knowledge of encoding and encoding tools has had experience with other release groups
2. [Intermediate] - Has some knowledge of encoding and encoding tools has performed encodes for personal use
3. [Beginner] - Has little knowledge of encoding but is DEDICATED to learn !
If you are wishing to apply then there are a few requirements that you must have

• We are not after Part Time encoders if you wish to join our team then you need to be dedicated , because we will dedicate a lot of time into you.
• Only Encoders with a level of [Experienced] may apply to encode 3D related releases
• Own a PC or Server with decent specs i5 or i7 with 4 gigs of ram or equivalent
• Own a seedbox or have a very good home bandwidth connection
• Own adequate equipment for testing purposes EG: Full HD TV , AV Receiver or similar that can play HD Audio

If you feel you meet or can meet one of the levels and requirements then please don't hesitate to get in contact with us

• Please use the contact staff button in the top menu
• State your message with the following Subject - FraMeSToR Recruitment - [Experience Level] [Release type interested in]
• Followed by a message about your experience & equipment