A year and two months ago, the site was graced by a fantastic addition from the community: The What.CD Android App for phones, and an API that would go on to make our site accessible to coders in new and exciting ways. Fast forward to a few months ago: carolina88 announced he was starting to work on an What.CD application for iOS devices. After many weeks of hard coding, debugging, and constant improvements, we are happy to announce that carolina88's app is now available for jailbroken iOS devices - for free! We thank carolina88 for generously releasing his excellent work at no cost to the community, and we are proud to help promote it.

What.CD for iPhone works on any jailbroken iOS device, and includes many features the avid Whatter needs to get a mobile fix.

• Torrents: Navigate, browse artists, scroll through discographies, and even download .torrent files to load into your home client! Release types are collapsible, making scrolling to find the release you're looking for a breeze. Album artwork is embedded, too, making for a visually rich browsing experience.
• Google Drive Integration: Speaking of .torrent files, you can link the app to your Google Drive and point your client's watch feature at it. When you get home, all the torrents you've downloaded on the go will be waiting for you.
• Forums: Need to check your favorite threads? Browse through and post in all of the What.CD forums (with full avatar and post timestamp functionality) via the WhatCDi app.
• Private Messaging: Don't miss another important PM while you're out and about! Read and reply at your leisure. Message timestamps and user avatars are clearly visible, helping keep your conversations straight.
• Profiles: View user profiles and user data on the fly. All paranoia settings will be respected. Check out everyone's recent snatches, uploads, join date, and related profile information, just like on the main site!
• Search: Begin typing and then select artist, album, or user search. It's that easy!
• Barcode Scanning: Want to quickly check to see if an album is indexed on What.CD while you're at the record store or perusing your personal collection? Use your device's camera to scan the release barcode and do a search directly through the app.

Installing the app is straightforward and simple. Note that you will need to have a jailbroken iOS device to utilize WhatCDi. Check this web page for a handy reference letting you know which devices and software versions you can jailbreak.

1. Step One: In Cydia, navigate to the "Sources" page and press the Edit button in the top right. Then use the "Add" button in the top left to add the repo for the app: http://repo.whatcdios.com. Press the "Add Source" button.
2. Step Two: Tap on the entry in the sources list for What.CD for iPhone, and then tap on the app in the listing.
3. Step Three: Press install, and you're done!

For a screenshot walkthrough, please see the WhatCDi Installation Guide.

One of the things that makes us so excited about the app is its gorgeous interface. WhatCDi is sleek, clean, and organizes the site content sensibly while maintaining a uniform look with the iOS environment. Please click any of the thumbnail images below to view expanded screenshots of the app in action.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the site, we are also proud to announce that Carolina88 has been promoted to VIP and brought into our Build Team! In celebration of his accomplishment and new position, we're giving him a special Build Team pick. Please enjoy!