We will be having a Bingo Event every Monday 10PM UK time starting on the 4th of November. Prizes will be given out right after the event is over. The Bingo Event forum thread will open every Tuesday and close every Sunday, with the Live Bingo event taking place in Chat on Mondays 10PM UK time. If you want to participate please use following formula as entry:

Sign me up for Bingo and post it in comment section below so I know who wants to participate and send them the bingo card in PM early on.


The Bingo Event is a live event like quiz. It will all be happening in chat starting 10PM UK time. What you will need to do is to open the card I PMed you in Paint or Photoshop. For anyone who has played bingo before this will be a piece of cake. I'll be using a number generator to give out random numbers in chat and as you see your numbers on your card cross them off and yell bingo if one line is completed (and you are the first one to get it) and then we play for 2 lines and then lastly full board. Prizes will be given in forms of Bonus Points that can be exchanged for upload credit.