During the last 24 to 36 hours, some of you may have noticed a handful of very minor errors maligning an otherwise perfectly controlled and utterly normal browsing experience. Just very, very small errors. Quite small, really. Honestly, you probably didn't even notice anything. We'd guess that it's almost guaranteed that you didn't notice a single error. We're not even sure if you could properly define them as errors, but for the sake of mutual understanding, we'll just call them errors. Bugs, really. Teeny, tiny glitches. Microscopic.

But in the event that you noticed anything - which is unlikely - we'd like to apologize for any visible deviations from the normally tightly moderated and meticulously controlled and generally great What.CD you know and love. Our developers have been hard at work isolating and expunging the problem. Apparently one of our service bots was malfun--well, actually, suffice it to say that the problem is resolved. Everything is good now. Everything. Everything is very good.

Well, then. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we worked to resolve an issue that, really, might as well have never even existed! Haha. It's great that we're having this chat. A good laugh, all around. Very good, then. Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming. Cheers!