The Details

1) Make a sandwich
2) Users vote on best sandwich
3) ???
4) Profit! (GBs to top 3 sandwiches)

The Contest

Everyone can make a sandwich, right? To encourage some friendly GGn competition that anybody can get involved with, except those users who are sandwich-intolerant, some of the IRC users created a sandwich making competition.

Entering is simple: make a sandwich. After two weeks of submissions, we'll create a vote for all users to judge the best sandwiches. The winning sandwiches take the GBs. That's all there is to it.


We really struggled to think of rules.

1) It must be your own sandwich. No storebought. No Pinterest.
2) It must be edible. While a creative interpretation of the sandwich genre is welcome, we still expect it to be something we could eat.

Otherwise, that's it. The competition is wide open to whatever cool ideas you can come up with. Replicate a KFC Double Down? That's fine. Two pizzas pressed together like a quesadilla? Also fine. Be warned though that neither of these are original so they might not win the hearts and minds of the public.

Submission Guidelines

To keep the contest in order and to deter cheaters, your submission must follow this template:


We need a picture of the things you used to make the sandwich. Your username must be included.


Some of you will want to dazzle us with the extra effort you put in, e.g. making your own garlic butter to bake into the bread (omnomnomnom). Please do, but any details between the start and finish of the sandwich must be in a collapsed spoiler tag so they don't spam up the thread.


One picture of the final sandwich, presented as you wish. We don't need 5 angles (put those in the spoiler tags.) The final picture must also include your username.


Three prizes will be awarded:

First Place: 75% of all donated GBs
Second Place: 20% of all donated GBs
Third Place: 5% of all donated GBs

If you wish to donate upload to the prize pool, you may post in the related thread or message armistice in #GazelleGames (publically, so that staff can see.) There is a limit of 100GB donated upload per user. Current prize pool is in the first reply to this post.


The contest begins NOW! It ends Nov 10th at midnight PST (the end of the weekend. That gives everyone two weekends to get their sandwich game on. Voting will then open for another week, with prizes ready to be awarded after Nov 17th.