Dear BtS members,

Recently, our exclusive Bluray original source has been leaked and uploaded in a commercial web-hard company.

This is a serious security breach and it can even lead to abolition of our site. Considering the seriousness of the security breach, the following actions will be taken to prevent the further security breach.

1. Restricted Download System and a Grace Period
-Download of the exclusive movie will be restricted to a certain class. Also, there will be a grace period where certain class cannot download the exclusive movie.

2. The grace period system is currently under development, and it will take approximately 2 weeks to get fully functional. Until then, only certain class can download the exclusive Bluray original source.

Again, leak of our exclusive movie is a matter of life and death for our site.

Especially, leaks of Korean Bluray source can be a really serious problem.
Please follow our rules to keep our site safe.

Thank you.

Best Regards,