To continue our recent string of updates, we're pleased to bring you a heap of new information concerning The What.CD Online Store. This information includes an update regarding current inventory, two new products, and two new design contests that are sure to generate interesting results. As always, all profits earned via The What.CD Online Store are reinvested (payment to the fulfilment service, printer, and the cost of new inventory), or put toward running What.CD. No member of the What.CD Staff personally profits from sales made on TWOS.

• Inventory Update: Regarding current inventory, we must make the bittersweet announcement that the following items have very limited stock numbers, and that there are no plans to replenish inventory in the near future. If your size is still in available for The Ishihara Citrus Shirt, The Death in Victory Shirt, or The Whatminimal Shirt, you should act fast.

• New Inventory: We're proud to introduce both "The Perfect 4" Shirt by irredentia and Music on the Internet III: The Hoodie by neebs.

• New Contests: We invite the entire community to participate in The What.CD Online Store Design Contest III: Cover Art and The What.CD Online Store Design Contest IV: Apparel.

New Products:

The Perfect 4 Shirt

PRODUCT INFORMATION: We quite enjoy this new design by irredentia, and we hope you will too. To create "The Perfect 4" Shirt, irredentia took a cue from the classic Experimental Jetset print, but gave it a perfect What.CD spin. The design's black lettering has been printed onto a heather gray American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt (unisex). This is the same t-shirt we've been using for all of our prints, and we can attest to its high quality. Like most TWOS inventory, the shirt will be available for a limited time only, so you have a better chance of securing yours if you purchase one soon. "The Perfect 4" Shirt is retailing for $25, and will qualify you for Two (2) Donor Points upon purchase.

Music On The Internet III

PRODUCT INFORMATION: We often receive requests to reprint older TWOS designs. When old designs make a comeback, they only do so in a new way: new colors, interesting modifications, or in this case, on an entirely different article of clothing. Music on the Internet by neebs has long been one of our most popular designs, and has seen two incarnations on shirts already. We're now very happy to present Music on the Internet III: The Hoodie. For many of us, the temperature outside is quickly cooling, and we're offering this hoodie to warm things up. The design is in white and has been printed onto a Bella Unisex Poly-Cotton Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie. Like other TWOS inventory, this hoodie is a limited edition, but rather than being offered for a limited time, we're printing a limited number from the start: only 300 are being made. Music on the Internet III: The Hoodie is retailing for $50, and will qualify you for Three (3) Donor Points upon purchase.

New Design Contests:

This is our fourth TWOS contest, which happens to be the third design contest, and first cover art contest. To participate, please visit the Official Cover Art Contest Thread. In this contest, we're asking users to produce cover art for the upcoming What.CD compilation album. The compilation will be sold as a downloadable product in TWOS, and the winning cover art submission will be included as the official album cover. As such, the cover art contest can be considered a sister contest to the ongoing TWOS Music Compilation Contest (the submission period for the music contest has ended, and winners are now being determined, but please feel free to check out some of the amazing entries made by your fellow community members). The submission period for the cover art contest will end on December 8th, 2013.

Following sequentially from the cover art contest, we're now happy to present our fifth TWOS contest, which happens to be the fourth design contest, and our second apparel contest. To participate, please visit the Official Contest Thread. We're asking users to produce an entirely new batch of apparel designs for TWOS. Many of you will remember the first TWOS Apparel Design Contest, from which six different artists have had designs turned into actual apparel items. This apparel is sold in TWOS, and the winning submission from this thread will be used to launch new TWOS clothing in a future store update. We're eager to see what our designers come up with, since many staff members will be wearing these shirts as well. The submission period for the apparel contest will end on December 15th, 2013.

Additional Information:

For additional information about other TWOS products, please check out the On-Site TWOS Gallery. This gallery contains a directory listing all in-stock product pages on The What.CD Online Store website. Also check out the Donate Page for information on other contribution methods, the Store Donor Points Guide for information on how to be credited for your TWOS purchases, the Store FAQ Document for answers to common questions about TWOS, or the Donor Rank System FAQ Document for information about What.CD's Donor Rank System.

If you'd like to contribute to What.CD but don't wish to purchase physical items; remember that purchasing a Downloadable Product like The Bonespin Wallpaper Pack allows you to contribute directly without having to worry about shipping. More importantly, because TWOS accepts all major payment methods, you can use PayPal to conveniently make your purchase. Downloads also have the least overhead of all TWOS products, which means that a significantly greater percentage of your payment helps benefit the site directly each time you make a purchase.