We've made a bunch of changes to the way things work around here; added a feature or two, tweaked some old ones and poked some Power Users in the eye with a sharp stick. Mes amis, more changes are afoot. These cover various aspects of the site, so we'll go through them one at a time.

Rule Change

All torrents are subject to the twelve-month rule, irrespective of source. As the twelve-month rule was getting so confusing that a flowchart and a compass were needed to navigate it, we've made it simpler; everything must come from a source that's been around for twelve months. Books, tv movies, documentaries, films… whatever it is, the source must be a year old. If you're going to ask whether this includes 'x', I suggest you look up the word 'everything' in your online dictionary of choice (for the record, I recommend Mirriam Webster).

Featurama Threshold Lowered

The threshold for torrents to be featured has been lowered from 50,000 credits to 25,000 effective from the next change.

Power Users Can Be Deleted For Inactivity

Yes, friends, the power users among you can no longer take a round-the-solar-system cruise and be assured of your account being here on your return. It's not all bad news, however.

• The inactivity threshold has been increased from 60 days to 90.

• Seeding and leeching now count as 'activity'; if your torrents are active, so are you.

• If you're a power user and you're going to be away for a while, you can park your account. Parked accounts won't be able to use the tracker or the website, but they're relatively safe. Note: relatively, not completely. If it's been sitting there unloved for years and years, we my assume you're dead and get rid of the account. Have a look at the help page for more details. The link for parking your account can be found on your edit profile page. All power user accounts that haven't been used in 45 days have been parked, so this change shouldn't affect anyone immediately. However, we're going to be unparking those who haven't logged in in many years as well as those with no downloads, so consider yourself warned. Well, you probably haven't been as if you're reading this, you're probably not affected.

Power User Threshold Increased

In order to qualify as a Power User, you must now have downloaded at least 20GB and uploaded at least 25GB (and have a ratio >= 1.2).

Members Can Mark Torrents As Snatched Or Unsnatched

On each torrent details page there's the option for marking the torrent as snatched; hitting this will mean that you'll be notified in the normal fashion if a seed is wanted for that torrent. If you're a Superfan or above, you can also mark snatched torrents as unsnatched if you no longer have it for reseeding. Is there a help page for this? Of course there is.

Well, that's it for now. We'll give you some time to recover from the shock before inflicting the next round of changes on you.