Here we are rolling into November with another round of Mod Choice picks. As always these will be freeleech for this month ONLY. All previous freeleech picks are now back to normal. To qualify on downloading freeleech picks you must maintain a ratio of .30 or higher. Also, be sure to subscribe to the "Site News and announcements" section to keep up to date on upcoming freeleech picks. Don't forget to say thanks and enjoy!

Mod Choice by: Kolor

M.A.N.D.Y. - At The Controls
Still some trippy, fucked up shit.

Mod Choice by: FloodSpectre

Gridlock - Trace
An older album (2001), but it's vital listening for anyone into that post-industrial, ambient/idm sound that dominates labels like Tympanik and Hymen.

Mod Choice by: Indica

Klute - The Draft
Klute, that is all.

Mod Choice by: Pyc

Psilocybian - Dreamtime
Magicians of psychedelic dancefloor are once again taking our souls and bodies to most advanced trip of active-mediation fuelled by magnificent music. Sound engineering at it's best. Trip at its best. Me I'm crazy for it, join me.

Mod Choices by: Indecisive_Conclusion

Jubei - To Have & Have Not
Great new debut LP from DNB producer Jubei feature collaborations from Dbridge, Youngsta, Consequence, Marcus Intalex, Goldie, and J Kenzo. Rhis debut release also sees him dipping into the low dubstep territory with vocal contributions from flowdan, SP:MC, and DRS so be sure to check this out.

Koan Sound & Asa - Sanctuary EP
Classical piano and violin layer over downtempo broken beats, thick grimey bass lines and beautiful vocals. This album is very emotional and unlike anything I have heard. Don't let the name Koan Sound fool you, I usually don't care for the producer myself but this is a must hear!

Mod Choices by: Dark Matter

John Digweed & Nick Muir - Versus
Just awesome!

Globular - Magnitudes of Order
I love everything this kid does and this is his debut album.

Mod Choices by: Kingswood

Hakobune - Tonight Is Why
Hakobune - If It Were To Fade
Hakobune - Watching The Prescribed Burn

I have chosen 3 Hakobune albums for this months freeleech, he is extremely prolific in his releases and its hard to catch up, but he is my favorite artist from Japan and I hope you enjoy them.