Site donations have hit a critical level. The site (sadly) requires money to operate which requires help from users like you!

Why does Beathau5 need donations?

Websites require servers to host the site and handle traffic. These servers cost money, usually a monthly fee. Normal websites around the internet are able to place advertisements throughout their pages or sell merchandise to counter server costs. But as you know, we are not a normal site. Advertisements are not possible and our userbase is too small to have merchandise support our server costs. This leaves donations as the best option to pay the bills. As much as site staff would love to keep the site going forever, we (read as Diabolik) cannot financially keep footing the bill.

Are there any perks to donating besides the site staying afloat?

These are the immediate perks you receive for donating:

• Our eternal love, as represented by the red heart you get next to your name
• Inactivity timer immunity
• Access to the notifications system
• Collage creation privileges
• Personal collage creation privileges
• One additional personal collage
• 1,000 BPs for every €1 donated.
• A warm, fuzzy feeling

Not only that, the lovely Gazelle coders have introduced the Donation Perk System. We have adopted this feature and its full details can be found in the Donation Perk Wiki article.

How do I donate?

You can donate via PayPal and Flattr via our donation page.