We welcome everyone to join our IRC channel to get live support, if you have any suggestions, ideas or questions about the site, any problem accessing the site or your account.

LF Channel Details:

Server: irc.p2p-network.net
Channel: #learnflakes
Port : 6697


Things to do / know once you have joined the channel..

First you need to register your nick; in our IRC channel we use the site user names so you can be certain who is who while chatting.

Type: /msg nickserv REGISTER password-of-choice email-id

Don't forget to remember the password and email ID you filled in!

From then on every time you join the channel do the following:

Type: /msg nickserv IDENTIFY your-password

If you want you can add the spare nick you have to your registered nick; you must do this while you have the spare nick!

Type: /msg nickserv group yournormalnick yournormalpassword

yournormalnick = the nick you registered
yournormalpassword = the password you registered with

Other helpful things to know:

Occasionally you will "time out" and need to rejoin only to find you are still "there" as this is your ghost. To remove the ghost type: /msg nickserv ghost your-nick your-password and the ghost will go. You will then get your nick back.

Typing /me will change your normal chat type to italic which is a way of describing an action:
/me goes for a walk

Remember: Don't panic if no administrator or moderators are online.