FLO is recruiting!

We have just 2 Sysops running FLO. Our schedules don't line up nicely so obviously there is some hours where neither of us are online. We need people to help with various aspect of the site from editing torrents, to moderating the forums and everything in between. We need people who are familiar with torrenting and can accurately help people if they have issues.

As of right now we have the following position(s) available:

• Moderators
• Global Moderator
• Uploaders
• Torrent Editors
• Designer

We are looking for people who fit this description:

• Polite
• Have lots of free time to commit
• Past torrent editing knowledge is a plus (tvdb/tvrage/imdb/google/others)
• Able to be on IRC whenever you're on computer (school/work excluded)
• No affiliation with any invite/account trading/giving away/selling/buying forums
• Willing to commit to this long term (6+ months)
• Active on IRC

Tell us a bit about yourself in the application, what position you are applying for and why would you want to do this? Feel free to also include any information that you think would help you stand out above the crowd. Send your application only to Backslash, applications send to other staffers will be ignored.